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Harmon’s Safe Lock & Key

Harmon’s Safe Lock and Key
905 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85203

HarmonsSafeLockKeyI spent hrs last weekend driving around trying to have a duplicate car key made. I went to an auto part store and a hardware store.

First, the auto part store made the key and said it would be $79. A good price for a key with a chip. However, the key did not work and the employee didn’t know why. They said it was a new machine and that was all they could do. I was a little frustrated, but at least they didn’t charge me for the useless key that they made.

I then went to the hardware store where they were very nice and friendly. He tested the key and said it did not need a chip and that it would only be $3.50 for a key. I was excited. However, he could not get the key to work. He then went into the back room where he tested it again and decided it did need a chip. Bummer, more money. But he could never cut the key correctly and it never worked. He finally admitted they didn’t have the correct key base to use, but he thought he could get it to work with this other base key. I was a little frustrated.

Finally I decided to go to a key specialist. Harmon’s Safe Lock and Key on main street in Mesa, AZ. It is an old business, since 1958, and the largest in Arizona. It was interesting looking at all the old locks, safes and keys. The store front isn’t much to look at but don’t let that fool you.

I went in, told them I need a duplicate key for my Honda. Just by looking at it he told me it had a chip, without testing it. He immediately said that it would be $35 because its a chipped key. I said I’ll take one. I had a key in my hand after 7 minutes from entering the store, and it worked! Wow, a working car key in 7 minutes and for half the price! Boom! Done! In and out!

They have me as a customer for life. I will go to them for every key or lock issue I ever have. Great service and a great price. The value I received was well worth the value I gave, $35.

Harmon’s created value for me by getting me exactly what I needed in the shortest amount of time possible at a great price and didn’t waste my time trying to up-sell me something I didn’t need or want. They had the best tools, the best training and a great culture of key making. They were experts. And what a great price!

Thank you Harmon’s Safe Lock and Key!!!

The purpose for reporting this is to give an example of great business. Great businesses create great value. The reason Radio Shack is out of business and Harmon’s Safe Lock and Key is in business is because Harmon’s knows who they are and creates value. They make keys and are the best at it. Radio Shack never knew who they were and flailed to and fro in chaotic lumbering trying to make a buck. They thought, wow, we sell electronic parts, lets sell the whole computer. Ooops, bad instincts. That’s like Harmon’s Safe Lock and Key having an epiphany that they could make more money selling cars because they make the keys that open the car doors. Or a car part store deciding they will sell cars because they sell car parts. It sounds ridiculous, but that’s what Radio Shack did when they decided to sell computers and now phones. Their leaders did not know how to lead people and they did not know who Radio Shack was at the core. They should have stayed with their initial core – supply parts to the niche techie. Sell uncommon phone accessories and cool phone stuff. Not phones!

There is more about Radio Shack on my blog.

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